A dying widow with four small children

Friday, 26/10/2012, 23:43 [GMT+7]

A dying widow with four small children


A poor widow raising 4 children but catching a terminally cancer is in need for help. She’s Võ Thị Phượng, born 1966, living at 42/6A Võ Thị Sáu, Vĩnh Trường Ward, Nha Trang.

Her family is very poor. His husband died and left her four small children. She also has no stable job.

More unfortunately, she has got pancreas cancer since February. She is in the last stage and incurable. Now, she’s laid low and only takes medicine against symptoms. Accordingly, her children has left school for service to earn living and take care of her.


Phượng is getting very weak day by day and near to death. She only hopes somebody will help her poor children.

If you can give them any help, please contact Khanh Hoa Newspaper, 77 Yersin St., Nha Trang.